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Glass-ceiling index

As a working woman, you better be working in New Zealand or the Nordic countries. This is the conclusion of a study done by The Economist about the subject of where women have the best chance of equal treatment. The study was done in 26 countries based on five criteria taken from OECD data: the number of men […]

A woman’s work is never done

250,000 women in 30 countries have been interviewed and the answers were almost identical in all countries: women’s work is never done. After a full day’s work, women still get to do more housework than men. The overall trend is that the distribution of household labour is most equal in Nordic countries and least equal […]

WIN Conference

WIN hosts the WIN Conference – a three-day leadership forum for women. Over 800 people meet from 70 countries to participate in the Women’s International Networking Conference. It is focused on bringing women worldwide ‘up to the next level’ in their careers and in their lives. It will take place from 2 to 5 October in Prague, Czech […]