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The most powerful women 2014

Every year, Forbes magazine establishes the list of most powerful people in the world including a separate list of the most powerful women. The criteria of selection are: money, media presence, spheres of influence and impact. As every year, the list is headed by Germany’s Angela Merkel, followed by Janet Yellen, who is the first […]

OECD – Gender equality

If you are looking for data regarding gender equality in the world from various perspectives such as education, employement and entrepreneurship, the OECD has it all. You will find surprising facts such as Rwanda being the country with the highest percentage of female representatives in parliamant (63.8%), that the number of female-owned business has grown […]

WIN Conference 2014

WIN hosts the WIN Conference – a three-day leadership forum for women. Over 800 people meet from 70 countries to participate in the Women’s International Networking Conference. It is focused on bringing women worldwide ‘up to the next level’ in their careers and in their lives. It will take place from 1 to 3 October 2014 in Berlin […]