European Equal Pay Day

Thursday, February 28th, 2013 at 16:32

On average, women in Europe work 59 days for free. This was revealed by a study of the European Commission that was released just one day before the European Equal Pay Day on 28 February. The 59 days symbolise the amount of days women have to work extra in order to earn the same than men.

The latest published figures show that on average, women are paid 16.2% less than men. Even though this seems to be a slight improvement to previous years, this is not due to an increase in women’s pay, but rather to the impact of the economic crisis. Sectors dominated by male workers (i.e. construction or engineering) have experienced bigger decreases in earnings overall and also the share of men working part-time or under less well-paid conditions has increased.

Please find more detailed information on this subject on the European Commission’s website as follows: