First WIS Conference – Speaker Anna Falth

Monday, January 26th, 2015 at 10:01

Anna Falth is the Manager of the Knowledge Gateway for Women’s Economic Empowerment. She initiated consultations for this global online platform and brought it to its global launch during the high-level segment of the UN General Assembly in September 2013. She is now launching the Business Hub for Gender equality and Women’s Economic Empowerment as a new component on

Anna has over 17 years working experience on women’s economic empowerment issues. She started in the refugee and immigration service in Sweden, and then joined the United Nations in 1998. She has since then held economic advisor positions in UNCTAD, UNDP, UN-DESA and now in UN Women. Anna holds a Master’s of Science in Economics from Lund University, Sweden, and a European Masters in Law and Economics from Hamburg University, Germany.

Anna will be speaking about the newly introduced platform launched by UN Women, which is an open global platform that promotes collaboration, learning and innovation to advance women’s economic empowerment.