Gender diversity and corporate performance

Thursday, September 12th, 2013 at 09:28

Credit Suisse has led a research into the impact of gender diversity on business. The study looked at the subject from a purely economical point of view, analysing the data of 2,360 global companies over a period of six years.

The findings confirm, what is already widely known: on average, companies with at least one woman on their board, delivered higher average returns on equity, lower gearing, better average growth and higher price/book value multiples.

The study points out that the interpretation for this better performance is subjective, but they have, in cooperation with leading professors in the field of leadership, narrowed it down to the following seven main reasons:

  1. A signal of a better company
  2. Greater effort across the board
  3. A better mix of leadership skills
  4. Access to a wider pool of talent
  5. Better reflection of the consumer decision-maker
  6. Improved corporate governance
  7. Risk aversion

Please read the full report, including all supporting data, as follows: