US Sports Editors: 90% male

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014 at 07:02

After evaluating 150 US newspapers and websites, the Associate Press Sports Editors have found the results, for the eighth time since 2006, unchanged:

  • Number of female sports columnists: 9.7%
  • Number of female sports editors: 9.6%
  • Number of female assistant sports editors: 17.2%
  • Number of female copy editors/designers: 19.6%

ESPN being one of the few news organisations that despite the ongoing dcuts in the newspapers have increased the hiring of women. Out of the 11 women sports editors, six work for ESPN, and out of the 35 columnists, 23 work for ESPN.

The results in other industries are better, but still overall in the US media, 64% of bylines and on-camera appearances went to men in 2013.

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