Women in Football Survey

Thursday, May 15th, 2014 at 20:27

A ground-breaking new survey by Women in Football has revealed that 66.4% of women working in sport have witnessed sexism in the workplace, with individuals being told they will “never work in the game again” if they reported it.

26.4% of the 661 respondents felt they were overlooked for promotion because of their gender – 67% are not being mentored at work and 94.7% are not on a leadership programme. One respondent was told in her interview it was an issue that she was female, another was simply told the club “wanted to keep a male feel” so they would not be getting the job.

“Women remain still significantly under-represented in executive and board positions in the sport industry.” Heather Rabbatts, Chair of The FA’s Inclusion and Advisory Board

The problems run throughout football with a female referee being told a men’s team did not want her to officiate because of her gender, to a respondent being slapped on her bum on her first day by a senior figure in the game.

Please find the full results under www.womeninfootball.co.uk