Women – more effective leaders?

Sunday, May 25th, 2014 at 20:18

Are women more effective leaders than men? Business Insider looked into this topic in an three-part series and came up with a few interesting conclusions.

The basis of the study was that women make up more than half of the overall worksforce, but the higher up in the company you go, the fewer women you will find.

The key finding was that yes, women are more effective leaders for several reasons, one major one being self development. In order to develop competencies as a leader you need to regularly ask for feedback. Both, men and women do so at the beginning of their careers, but there is a remarkable decline as of the age of 40: whereas women continue to ask for feedback, men do not.

As a result, women score higher on competencies such as taking initiative, displaying integrity and honesty and driving for results.







The full article can be found as follows: www. businessinsider.com